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At R52, we're a vibrant community of individuals seeking to connect, grow, and explore together. Whether you're looking to expand your horizons through cultural immersion, find opportunities for personal and professional development, or simply connect with like-minded individuals, R52 is here to guide you on an immersive journey 52 weeks a year. With our diverse range of offerings, from culinary adventures to volunteer opportunities, nature excursions to creative workshops, there's something for everyone to dive into and experience firsthand. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, collaboration, and connection, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of experiences that the R52 community has to offer 52 weeks a year.

At R52, we believe in Community Immersion 52 Weeks A Year.

We're a community woven together by dreams, passion, and the desire to immerse ourselves in to diverse experiences. Every search, every click, and every immersion on R52 is a chance to connect with the vibrant spirit of the community. It is a pledge to support local businesses, nurture the dreams of entrepreneurs, and indulge in experiences crafted with heart and authenticity. With R52, your journey transcends transactions; it becomes a story of connection, community, and the power of choice.

So, whether you're a customer seeking the heart of your community or a vendor ready to showcase your craft, R52 beckons you to be part of a community where every turn is a step towards a more connected, vibrant, and thriving local landscape.

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How The R52 Platform Works

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Customer Stories

Pepperdine University: Shannon W.

Latino Meat Market & Grill

Dear Latino Meat Market & Grill,

Many thanks for the wonderful food that you provided for our Cultural Fest and Club Fair event. This was an opportunity to expose the Pepperdine community to the rich diversity of cultures and student organizations that are represented on campus.

It is often the case that food is the most fruitful and enjoyable means of exploring the culture of others and therefore you were an integral part to the success of our event.

We received a number of comments that expressed how delicious the food was and how beautiful it was displayed. Your food really made the event special and we all sincerely appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Shanon W.
Pepperdine University Intercultural Affairs

Mayor Engler Thousand Oaks

Latino Meat Market & Grill

Thousand Oaks Business Recognition Program

"The Latino Market and Grill's story embodies the spirit of this award perfectly. It's a story of vision and longevity; of growth and resilience. We appreciate the cultural enrichment they bring to our City," Mayor Engler remarks. ‚Äč

Awards and Recognition: Mayor Engler and Thousand Oaks City Council recognized the Latino Market and Grill as the City's very first Business Recognition Program awardee.

Reward Criteria:

- Longevity in the City

- Substantial growth in the City

- The business offers a community benefit

- Environmental sustainability leadership

- Contribution to Community Enrichment

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