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Sunland Vintage Winery

I love the wines at Sunland Vintage Winery! So many really good wines to choose from here. I've stopped going to other local wineries because their selections are not as good as Sunlands' wines. Always a wonderful time with friends at their events. (Check out Sunlands calendar.) Owners, Mike and Debbie are warm friendly people that are passionate about wine and their customers experience at their tasting room.

Convention Group of 8

Hacienda Antiqua

Very comfortable place for 8 adults. Great location!!! Safe and clean street... Right next to the mall in Prados Del Nilo (a wonderful neighborhood). Hosts were very helpful. We would stay again!

Janel: Yelp

American Mattress Family

I was considering a new mattress, but, as a current Nursing Student, my budget was limited. A local, my significant other, suggested that I go down to the American Mattress Family and just have a look. He knew them, had purchased a mattress, and assured me their prices can not be beat. He said, "they are on the NE corner of the intersection at Main St. and Seaward, and they have scriptures, that fish, and Jesus on their building." LOL. He isn't religious.

Well, I stopped by. Soon, I realized that I had walked into a blessing; a miracle! I hopped on EVERY mattress. Justin was very knowledgeable. He explained everything that I would need to know to make the right choice. I then tried out the Chattam and Wells luxury line even though I knew they were out of my price point: Hand-made in the USA luxury line mattresses and box springs. There was NO WAY I could afford it! Or so I thought. After discussing, he offered me the chance to purchase a Chattam &. Wells Chantilly King matching set that they had on the stack! (I think "The Stack" are floor models/buy backs/overstock). Anyway, he offered a deal too good to be true. But, it was true. I couldn't refuse. They even delivered it locally for FREE.

One glitch: the delivered box springs did not match. Not to worry: honored the deal and had the box springs made for me, and delivered at no additional cost to me. That's integrity!
What I am saying: whether you need a good deal, or are in the market for Luxury, the American Mattress Family is THE place you GO! End stop. Prices. Customer Service. Integrity. Unmatched.
My back feels like new again, and I am able to get a full night's rest! Priceless! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, American Mattress Family!!


Pepperdine University: Shannon W.

Latino Meat Market & Grill

Dear Latino Meat Market & Grill,

Many thanks for the wonderful food that you provided for our Cultural Fest and Club Fair event. This was an opportunity to expose the Pepperdine community to the rich diversity of cultures and student organizations that are represented on campus.

It is often the case that food is the most fruitful and enjoyable means of exploring the culture of others and therefore you were an integral part to the success of our event.

We received a number of comments that expressed how delicious the food was and how beautiful it was displayed. Your food really made the event special and we all sincerely appreciate your time and effort.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Shanon W.
Pepperdine University Intercultural Affairs

Mayor Engler Thousand Oaks

Latino Meat Market & Grill

Thousand Oaks Business Recognition Program

"The Latino Market and Grill's story embodies the spirit of this award perfectly. It's a story of vision and longevity; of growth and resilience. We appreciate the cultural enrichment they bring to our City," Mayor Engler remarks. ​

Awards and Recognition: Mayor Engler and Thousand Oaks City Council recognized the Latino Market and Grill as the City's very first Business Recognition Program awardee.

Reward Criteria:

- Longevity in the City

- Substantial growth in the City

- The business offers a community benefit

- Environmental sustainability leadership

- Contribution to Community Enrichment

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Sunland Vintage Winery

Sunland Vintage Winery Tasting Room is a great place to try some fantastic wines. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners Mike and Debby, and they were so friendly and taught me a lot about their wines. Would surely go back again and highly recommend visiting Sunland Vintage Winery Tasting Room.

Todd H. - Google

Sunland Vintage Winery

This is an awfully fun place to enjoy wine. They not only create some amazing wines, but they also invite in some terrific music performers. We just had our semiannual wine pickup tasting and food pairing and it was fabulous.

Amy C. - Yelp

Mane Tribe Salon

I wish I could give 10 stars!
Honestly I just can't say enough about Celine and the wonderful job she did on my hair.
When she gave me the bill I thought that she forgot to add color to the cut.
No it was the entire bill for cut, color and blow dry!
I found the owner Nicole to be an amazing woman as well!
People like this deserve our business!
I'm going to include a picture of my hair.

Shawna F. - Yelp

Mane Tribe Salon

Nicole is an Angel and turned my daughters tears into all smiles! Sunday afternoon my teen daughter starts freaking out as the dye remover she was using extremely messed her hair up leaving big bleach spots throughout! I called Nicole and she came in special just so she could help her before my daughter goes back to school tomorrow! She did a beautiful job and we will definitely recommend her salon, her skills and her amazing customer service! If more businesses cared this much the world would be a very different place! Thanks again Nicole!!!!!!

G. S. Dionaty

Hacienda Antigua Gudalajara

Great place to travel with friends! Very comfortable for groups.

Sunny R. - Yelp

Sunland Vinatge Winery

Mike and Debbie know how to make wine and how to entertain! We first tried their wine during at event at the Moorpark Country Club. Out of all the wineries there - we bought their wine. When we heard they had a tasting room in Thousand Oaks, we promised ourselves we'd try it. We loved their tasting room so much, we joined their Turf Club! Then, we came back again, with friends, and they joined the Turf Club too! We don't get to visit as often as we'd like, but we love their wines, the atmosphere, and the fact they make us feel like true friends while we're there. They do have great musical guests and food. They also have a wonderful assortment of gift items - yes, I do buy new cocktail napkins every time I go because they're so clever! Their wines are all delicious but what's truly impressive is their diverse selection. And, usually you'll find a winery that excels in white or red or bubbly. But Sunland Vintage creates magnificent wines across the board in all their categories. We do have our go-to favorites, but every time we visit we find a new favorite to add to our growing list. If you are looking for a unique experience right in your own home town - check this place out!

Helena CM

"I've been practicing yoga at home for over a year, and the evolution ofmy body, mind, and heart has been fantastic. Started due to lumbar and knee injuries, and every day is different, going at my own pace but  always being consistent. Dhakatha Yoga is a safe place for the continuity of my transformation. Thank you, Teacher Priscila, for alwaysbeing there with your contribution. NAMASTE. 🙏"

Lesly A.

Hacienda Antigua Gudalajara

Excellent option for our large family. The attention and service was excellent. Great Location. Great Value. Excellent Staff. Very comfortable for large family...

Monica S. - Yelp

Sunland Vintage Winery

This place is a hidden gem! I was looking for a low key place to hold a "bachelorette" party. I made reservations ahead of time just in case. They had our area all set up for me when I arrived and made sure I was happy with the area. The wine

tasting prices are a great value. Everyone had a great time, great service, great wine, great atmosphere.

Stephanie W. - Yelp

Sunland Vintage Winery

What a great tasting room, and it's made up of two different wineries! We were greeted immediately and winetasting was served directly to your table. I think I liked every single wine I tasted. They were all fabulous one I would not turn down, but was not as fabulous as the rest. My friend bought a couple of bottles of wine and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and our server. At one point they even brought over two different kinds of slushy for us to taste. One was the cider and I believe the other was a cinnamon.

Latino Market

Category: Food & Beverage

Utilizing the R52 Community has changed our entire business. We feel we are part of a community that is focused on improving customer experiences and helping people around the world. R52 World brings us a technology and community advantage we have never had before. Thank you R52! Sincerely Owner of Latino Market

Angelical Services

Category: Spiritual

I am so excited about how I have been able to take my experiences globally with R52. Over the 2022 summer, I was able to experience expansion of my business throughout six European countries with the Community of R52.

I was even able to offer a private experience at a Royal Villa in Sinaia, Romania. The R52 Community has enabled me to expand my reach worldwide. Thank you R52...