Lesly A.

Hacienda Antigua Gudalajara

Excellent option for our large family. The attention and service was excellent. Great Location. Great Value. Excellent Staff. Very comfortable for large family...

G. S. Dionaty

Hacienda Antigua Gudalajara

Great place to travel with friends! Very comfortable for groups.

Latino Market

Category: Food & Beverage

Utilizing the R52 Community has changed our entire business. We feel we are part of a community that is focused on improving customer experiences and helping people around the world. R52 World brings us a technology and community advantage we have never had before. Thank you R52! Sincerely Owner of Latino Market

Angelical Services

Category: Spiritual

I am so excited about how I have been able to take my experiences globally with R52. Over the 2022 summer, I was able to experience expansion of my business throughout six European countries with the Community of R52.

I was even able to offer a private experience at a Royal Villa in Sinaia, Romania. The R52 Community has enabled me to expand my reach worldwide. Thank you R52...