Signature Burrito Variety Pack

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Signature Burrito Variety Pack
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Indulge your senses with our mouth-watering burrito experience: Carne Asada Steak, Guacamole, Cheese, Mexican rice, beans, and Avocado Salsa (mild). Enhance it with extra house salsas and pico de gallo or onions & cilantro for a yummy Latin feast.


About The Host
Latino Market & Grill

Latino Market & Grill

Authentic Mexican Cuisine made fresh daily...

We are proud to share our family recipes with the world for more than 30 years..

We believe that every taste should be authentic with the flavors from Mexico.

We have specific recipes we follow, specific flavors and textures we focus on to create amazing authentic Mexican dishes.

Every item is prepared with fresh ingredients, love and tradition.

It all starts with the right ingredients...

  • Fresh and healthy ingredients

  • Traditional spices (our family blend of spices)

    Then its all about the preparation

    • Our recipes and culinary methods are steeped in the heritage of Mexico.

    • Everything is prepared fresh every day...

    The Finishing Techniques

    • We follow the old traditions of Mexico, step by step traditions to finish each dish with love.

    Our History

    Our Family Recipes originated from the Heart of Mexico

    Our family recipes originated in Mexico and have been handed down from generation to generation. Each new generation of the family has added more recipes for customers to enjoy. We believe in keeping the old traditional recipes going, while being made fresh daily.

    "The Latino Market and Grill's story embodies the spirit of this award perfectly. It's a story of vision and longevity; of growth and resilience. We appreciate the cultural enrichment they bring to our City," Mayor Engler remarks.

    Reward Criteria:

    - Longevity in the City

    - Substantial growth in the City

    - The business offers a community benefit

    - Environmental sustainability leadership

    - Contribution to Community Enrichment

    ​Mayor Engler and Thousand Oaks City Council recognized the Latino Market and Grill as the City's very first Business Recognition Program awardee.


    Things to keep in mind