Latino Market Mexican Candy Box Monthly Subscription

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Latino Market Mexican Candy Box Monthly Subscription
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Latino Market Mexican Candy Box (Monthly Subscription)

Each box is comprised of a wide assortment of authentic Latin Candies &
Sweets. This box is great to share with family, friends, or for parties.

Each box we sell, we will donate a portion of proceeds to help communities in need.

Our unique combination of sweet-sour and spicy taste. Each candy we offer is mouth-watering and authentic...

Examples of candies featured in this box is Tamarind Candies. Tamarind candy is amazing, the taste of tamarind comes with the spiciness of chilies. Tamarind gets all your taste buds going.


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Latino Market & Grill

Latino Market & Grill

Latino Meat Market & Grill "Give Back Program" powered by R52

Latino Meat Market & Grill is excited to partner with R52 in our "Give Back Program." This initiative allows us to create fundraising and crowdfunding opportunities within our local community. By choosing Latino Meat Market & Grill, you not only enjoy authentic Latin flavors but also contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that uplift and support those in need. Join us in building a stronger and more compassionate community through our "Give Back Program." Together, we can make a lasting impact that goes beyond the dining experience. Let's make a difference, one plate at a time!