American Mattress Family - Thousand Oaks


Janel: Yelp

American Mattress Family

I was considering a new mattress, but, as a current Nursing Student, my budget was limited. A local, my significant other, suggested that I go down to the American Mattress Family and just have a look. He knew them, had purchased a mattress, and assured me their prices can not be beat. He said, "they are on the NE corner of the intersection at Main St. and Seaward, and they have scriptures, that fish, and Jesus on their building." LOL. He isn't religious.

Well, I stopped by. Soon, I realized that I had walked into a blessing; a miracle! I hopped on EVERY mattress. Justin was very knowledgeable. He explained everything that I would need to know to make the right choice. I then tried out the Chattam and Wells luxury line even though I knew they were out of my price point: Hand-made in the USA luxury line mattresses and box springs. There was NO WAY I could afford it! Or so I thought. After discussing, he offered me the chance to purchase a Chattam &. Wells Chantilly King matching set that they had on the stack! (I think "The Stack" are floor models/buy backs/overstock). Anyway, he offered a deal too good to be true. But, it was true. I couldn't refuse. They even delivered it locally for FREE.

One glitch: the delivered box springs did not match. Not to worry: honored the deal and had the box springs made for me, and delivered at no additional cost to me. That's integrity!
What I am saying: whether you need a good deal, or are in the market for Luxury, the American Mattress Family is THE place you GO! End stop. Prices. Customer Service. Integrity. Unmatched.
My back feels like new again, and I am able to get a full night's rest! Priceless! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, American Mattress Family!!