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R52 Team

R52 Team

Everyone Does What They Are Good At

We understand that searching for amazing places to visit can be a daunting task, and often the information available online can be overwhelming or even unreliable. That's why we at R52 have decided to break away from the industry and put our faith in like-minded individuals like yourself.

We believe that the best way to learn about amazing places to visit is from hearing about them from other passionate like minded people. That's why we've developed the R52 Community Content Creation Program, which rewards you for sharing up-to-date, honest videos and photos of places you enjoy around the world.

We know that reviews online can be bought, inaccurate, or simply out of date. That's why we're looking to our community to share their experiences, passions, and beliefs about the places they visit. We believe that you, the members of the R52 Community, are the best way to share like-minded person to like-minded person.

We want to hear about the hidden gems, the off-the-beaten-path destinations, and the undiscovered treasures that only a true traveler can uncover. And we want to reward you for sharing that knowledge with us and the rest of the R52 Community.

So, whether it's a remote beach in Southeast Asia, a quaint village in the Scottish Highlands, or a bustling city in South America, we want to see it through your eyes. We want to hear your stories, see your photos and videos, and be inspired by your passion for travel.

We wanted to take a moment to encourage you to share places you enjoy with the community. As you explore the world, we invite you to take a little time to show others what the places you visit look like.

We believe that by sharing your experiences, other community members can see through the eyes of like-minded people.

By sharing your experiences, you can earn points and help others discover new and exciting destinations.

We believe that people who share similar interests will appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing your experience with them.

We invite you to click on the link below to go to your member portal and upload the photos you take. We encourage you to take photos of the outside of the location, the main areas, community areas, and even the bathrooms. The purpose of these photos is to help other community members get an up-to-date understanding of the location.

Thank you for considering joining the R52 Community Content Creation Program. We look forward to seeing the amazing places you discover and sharing them with the world.

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R52 Team

R52 Team

Everyone Does What They Are Good At

R52 team is made up of wellness enthusiasts / travelers / nature lovers / helpers / specialists and people who want to make a difference...

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