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R52 Team

Everyone Does What They Are Good At

Are you a traveler, nomad, or someone who enjoys discovering new places and experiences?

Do you love sharing your recommendations on where to eat, sleep, and enjoy unique experiences?

If so, we have an opportunity for you!

R52 is looking for Outreach Specialists from around the world to join our team. We are seeking adventurous and passionate individuals who can help create community-driven experiences for other like-minded travelers.

The traditional tourism industry typically employs focus groups to design tours and experiences. However, these tours and experiences are often created by individuals located in an office far removed from the actual destination where the adventure will take place. 

We feel the traditional way of creating an experience is outdated and is not the way to connect with the new breed of travelers, nomads, and people with passion.

We have broken away from the boring industry mold...

Unlike the traditional tourism industry, we believe in a more personal and authentic approach to developing experiences. That's why we're breaking away from the industry mold and asking passionate individuals like you to help us create memorable and genuine experiences for travelers around the world.

We know that people want to experience popular destinations, activities, attractions, and experiences that have been recommended by like-minded people. That's why we value the input of people like you, who can share up-to-date information on where to go, what to see, and where to stay.

We also know that people want to hear honest testimonials from other like-minded individuals. That's why we're asking you to share your experiences and recommendations on the R52 platform. By doing so, you can earn rewards and income from around the world with ease.

At R52, we believe that genuine and culturally responsible experiences are the best way to connect with local communities and immerse oneself in different cultures. We want to promote sustainable tourism while giving back to local communities.

If you're someone who values unique experiences, cultural immersion, and community-driven recommendations, we want you to join our team of Outreach Specialists. Help us create memorable and enjoyable experiences for others while contributing to the growth of the R52 community.

Sign up today and start sharing your recommendations with other like-minded travelers around the world!

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R52 Team

R52 Team

Everyone Does What They Are Good At

R52 team is made up of wellness enthusiasts / travelers / nature lovers / helpers / specialists and people who want to make a difference...

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