Nominate a R52 Provider (Earn Points)

Earn reward points for Nominating people to become a R52 Provider.

As one of our esteemed members: Tell people how they have been nominated by you, to provide their exceptional services, experiences, lodging, or products to the R52 community.

Tell them how you believe that they exhibit the right values and have the potential to contribute greatly to the R52 Community. Tell them how their commitment to excellence and dedication to providing exceptional quality and value aligns perfectly with the R52 Community.

Invite them to join the R52 Community and become a provider to our community. As a provider, they will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of individuals who are like minded. They will also have the chance to collaborate and co-create with other members of our community to bring their dreams to life.

Earn Bonus Rewards

By successfully on-boarding and publishing their listings, the R52 Provider candidate you nominated can become a valuable part of the R52 Community, while you also earn Bonus Rewards as a result of your nomination.

Once they have successfully on boarded we will let you know about your bonus points.

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