Round Trip Transfer Service To Siam Clinic Phuket

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Round Trip Transfer Service To Siam Clinic Phuket
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Don’t let transportation worries add to the stress of your medical appointments. Our round trip transfer service provides a convenient and reliable way to get to your clinic appointments without any hassle. We understand that getting to and from the clinic can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with health issues or mobility concerns. With our round trip transfer service, you can rest assured that you’ll arrive at your appointments on time and with ease. Our experienced drivers will take you to your clinic and wait for you while you attend your appointment, before taking you back home. With our comfortable and accessible vehicles, we ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Book your round trip transfer today and enjoy a stress-free ride to your clinic appointments!


Now that you know what is an airport transfer service and how to book it, you may just wonder why use our round-trip transfers and why bother making a reservation, if once on place you may still grab a taxi, call Uber, get a shared shuttle or use public transportation. Well, let’s see what are the main advantages of our round-trip transfer compared to other forms of transportation and why you won’t be able to travel again without it, once you tried it.
  • No risk of being overcharged by dishonest drivers. To who has never happened to run into an abusive driver, or in a taxi with a tampered taxi-meter, and pay twice or three times more the actual cost of the ride? This eventuality is particularly frequent after landing in a country for the first time, perhaps without knowing the language, the roads and the actual costs of the services in the city that we are visiting. The abusive drivers, but also regular taxi drivers, know this very well and usually they do not hesitate to shamelessly take advantage from such situation. In the absence of effective controls from the authorities, all over the world, our only defense is to book an airport transfer well before leaving our home country, as the rate printed on the confirmation e-mail will be exactly the amount to pay.
  • Our transfers have fixed-price (no taxi-meter). As already mentioned, the rate written in the booking confirmation e-mail matches exactly what you will pay, regardless of red stop lights, detours, traffic, bad weather or any other type of unexpected event. Therefore, the budget for your travels will more protected, since there will be less unexpected expenses as well.
  • Once you booked our round-trip transfer, the service is guaranteed. Once you get the e-mail confirmation of the airport transfer, the availability of the service is formally guaranteed, which is not obvious if you travel without a reservation or if you look for a taxi on the spot, perhaps (imprudently) even last minute. Did you ever call a taxi to go to the clinic or your hotel, and this came after a whole hour? Holding a confirmed transfer reservation, the driver will arrive exactly at the booked time and there will be no risk of “sold-out” or late transport, neither during peak days or times.
  • Our round-trip transfer are often cheaper. The prices of  round-trip transfer, especially on longer distances, are much more convenient compared to taxi
  • Flexible payment methods. If you wish, you can pay for the ride at the time of booking, so you can travel with less cash and without the need to rush to a money change agency as soon as you land at the destination airport. And if you need to cancel, no problem, the payment is refunded without any charge. The payment is of course still possible also in cash or with a credit card to the driver, as long as this payment method is allowed by the where you are booking.


About The Host
Siam Clinic: Dr. Aim

Siam Clinic: Dr. Aim

Siam Clinic Phuket is an aesthetic clinic based in Phuket, Thailand. We provides facial reshaping, body sculpting, filler injections, botox injections, thread lifting, mesofat, growth factor, liposuction, cool sculpting, facial massage, and laser treatments.

Siam Clinic Phuket – Aesthetic and Wellness clinic is was established more than 10 years ago with the aim of providing skin and beauty
services to people in Phuket and the surrounding areas. The quality of services has been proven with 38 Google reviews and an average score of 5.0 and 65 Facebook reviews and an average score of 5.0. Siam Clinic offers a number of additional amenities and caters well to international patients, with staff speaking both English and Thai. All procedures and treatments are performed by a small team of specialists and certified nurses.


Dr. Phimphakarn Tantithummawong

Dr.Phimphakarn has an undeniable passion for medical aesthetics, but is also an artist by nature and has a great interest in the arts. She qualified as a doctor in 2012 and worked in general medicine, dermatology, and many more medical fields before finding her passion and love for aesthetic medicine.


• Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, 2012
• The America Board Laser Surgery (ABLS) 2017-2018
• Certificate of Practical Chelation Therapy 2016 by CMAT
• Certificate of Attendance participated in “Detoxification and Chelation Workshop” 2018
• Certificate of Practical Cell Therapy 2018 by ACT (Association of Cell Therapy, Thailand)
• Certificate of participated course “PRFM & PDRN Novel Growth Factors in Dermatology” 2017
• Certificate of Fat Stem Cell Transfer to Face Rejuvenation By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
• Certificate of Microcanula Liposculpt of the Abdomen By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
• Certificate of Hands-on in Suture Suspension Thread Lift with SSC Cannula By Renovia ABLS
• Certificate of Attendance on Thread Rejuvenation Training By KLOTHREAD (Medical academy in Korea) Nov 2017
• Certificate of Participation for completion of Upscale Technique of Facial Lifting by Tesslift Soft 2017
• Post Congress Cadaver Course for facial aesthetic“Hand-On Cadaveric dissection workshop TOXIN, Filler injections and Thread lift&Live injections in Conjunction with cadaver dissection” By THAICOSDERM (Thai Society Of Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery)
• Aesthetic medicine session “Live demonstration Practical points in Botulinum toxin, Filler& Anatomy” TAARM (Thai association of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine) annual meeting
• Certificate of Attendance “Management of Aesthetic Complications”