Punto Yoga: Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Class (In Person) Group Class

90 Minutes

Punto Yoga: Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Class (In Person) Group Class
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Ashtanga Mysore Style is a specific and traditional approach to practicing Ashtanga Yoga.

Here are key characteristics of the Ashtanga Mysore Style:

  1. Self-Paced Practice: In Mysore Style, practitioners are given the opportunity to engage in a self-paced practice. Instead of following a led class, students move through the series at their own rhythm and capacity.
  2. Personalized Instruction: The teacher provides individualized guidance, adjustments, and assistance based on the needs and progress of each student. This one-on-one attention allows for a tailored approach to the practice, making it suitable for practitioners of various levels.
  3. Fixed Sequence: The Ashtanga series follows a specific sequence of postures, and students gradually advance to more challenging poses as they gain proficiency. The Mysore Style allows practitioners to focus on and master specific postures before moving on to the next in the series.
  4. Flexibility in Practice Times: Mysore classes typically have a flexible schedule where students can start and finish their practice within a designated time frame. This flexibility accommodates various lifestyles and commitments.
  5. Quiet and Focused Atmosphere: The Mysore Style emphasizes a quiet and focused atmosphere in the yoga room. Students are encouraged to maintain concentration, connecting breath with movement, and cultivating a meditative state throughout their practice.
  6. Drishti (Gaze): Practitioners are guided to use specific drishtis or gaze points, enhancing their concentration and fostering a deeper inward focus during the practice.
  7. Consistency and Regular Practice: The Mysore Style encourages regular and consistent practice. Practitioners often commit to daily sessions, allowing for a gradual and steady progression through the Ashtanga series.
  8. Accessible to All Levels: Mysore Style is inclusive and suitable for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. The individualized approach allows each student to work at their own pace and level of proficiency.

Ashtanga Mysore Style is renowned for its personalized guidance, fostering a deeper connection between the teacher and the student. This approach encourages a dedicated and disciplined practice, providing a transformative experience for individuals on their yoga journey.

Ashtanga Teachers

Angie Saiffe

Founder of Yoga Point

Proud mother, Angie Saiffe is not only the founder of Yoga Point but also a dedicated professional with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a specialization in Gestalt psychotherapy. Her commitment to holistic well-being extends to her membership in the Association of Flower Therapists of Latin America.

Authorized at Level 1 and Level 2 by the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Angie's journey in Ashtanga Yoga continues at the Sharath Yoga Center in Mysore, India. Since 2007, she has been the driving force behind Yoga Point, hosting a stable Ashtanga Mysore program in Guadalajara.

Angie holds a unique position in the city, recognized for pioneering Ashtanga and mentoring practitioners along their transformative path. With over two decades of teaching experience, Angie's expertise is shaped by her extensive travels to Mysore, India—having visited seven times, studied with Sharath Jois at AYRI, KPJAYI, and SYC, and most recently attending in September 2022.

As part of the teachers' team on the renowned Yoga International platform, Angie shares her wisdom globally. She proudly served as the Ambassador of Lululemon Mexico from 2019 to 2022 and currently holds the title of Ambassador of Birdman.

Angie's teaching extends beyond the walls of Yoga Point, encompassing national and international Ashtanga programs. Her influence has reached various locations, including Nuevo León, State of Mexico, Veracruz, Nayarit, Riviera Maya, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Sinaloa, Texas, Panama, among others. Angie's dedication to Ashtanga Yoga and holistic well-being has left an indelible mark on the global yoga community.

Priscila Banderas

Teacher and a student of ashtanga yoga.

The teacher is a dedicated practitioner and instructor of Ashtanga Yoga, embarking on her yoga journey nine years ago and delving specifically into the Ashtanga tradition eight years ago. Over the course of her yogic path, she has sought knowledge from esteemed Ashtanga teachers, including Petri Roisanen, Arne Espejel, Mati Guerra, and Mau Victorica, among others. Additionally, she spent a year as a student under the guidance of José Carballal and Rafa Martínez in Madrid, Spain.

Recognizing the importance of holistic teaching, she furthered her qualifications by completing a 30-hour certification in prenatal and postpartum yoga with Viry Guzman and Paola Pimentel. Eager to deepen her understanding of the Ashtanga tradition, she embarked on a transformative journey to India in February 2022, practicing under the guidance of Sharath Jois. Remarkably, she returned for a second enriching experience in January 2023, emphasizing her commitment to the lineage.

Understanding the interconnectedness of physical well-being, she broadened her expertise by participating in nutrition workshops with Regina Marco and Melissa Orozco. In her continuous pursuit of holistic health, she recently completed an online course with Dr. Carlos Jaramillo and is actively preparing for further studies in Ayurveda medicine. This multifaceted approach underscores her dedication to providing a comprehensive and authentic Ashtanga Yoga experience to her students.

Ale Silva

Ashtanga Teacher

Ale Silva, a dedicated yoga practitioner since 2012, embarked on her yogic journey by obtaining her 200-hour certification. Motivated by a quest for deeper knowledge, she made her first pilgrimage to Mysore with Saraswati Jois. Upon returning, she transitioned into teaching, further expanding her expertise by acquiring certifications in prenatal yoga (75 hours), anatomy through YAI Institute (100 hours), and an Advanced Education program (600 hours) at Sadhak Yoga Institute. Additionally, she completed Program 1 and 2 of traditional Ashtanga Yoga at Puntoyoga.

In a pursuit of continuous growth, Ale undertook her second transformative trip to Mysore, this time under the guidance of Sharat Jois. Currently, she stands as a Mysore practice master, bringing a wealth of experience and authenticity to her teachings.

Ale's classes are thoughtfully crafted, placing emphasis on fostering a profound connection through breath, focus, and movement. She encourages practitioners to delve within, respecting their unique learning times, and aims to fortify personal practices through the virtues of discipline and consistency. Ale's commitment extends beyond the mat, creating an environment where students can deepen their yoga journey with mindfulness and dedication.

Alejandra Orozco

Ashtanga Teacher

With seven years of dedicated practice, Alejandra Orozco embarked on her journey as a yoga teacher in 2017.

Her educational foundation began in Vancouver, where she obtained her initial certification at Karma Teachers, with a particular emphasis on delving into yogic philosophy.

Continuing her commitment to growth and knowledge, Alejandra expanded her expertise through various certifications. She explored Yin Yoga with Ana Hernández and pursued Prenatal Yoga certifications with Viry Guzman and Pao Pimentel. Additionally, she completed Ashtanga Programs I and II to deepen her understanding of this traditional practice.

Currently, Alejandra shares her passion for Ashtanga Yoga through classes, workshops, and retreats, all designed to enhance well-being and immerse participants in the profound teachings of yoga.

In 2022, she undertook her inaugural journey to India, practicing at SYC with Sharath Jois, and has since had the privilege of practicing with diverse and esteemed masters.

Beyond her role as a yoga instructor, Alejandra is a holistic therapist proficient in Reiki and Biological Decoding, embodying a holistic approach to well-being and self-discovery. Her multifaceted expertise reflects a commitment to guiding others on their transformative journey through yoga and holistic practices.




About The Host
R52 Yoga Host

R52 Yoga Host

Punto Yoga was founded in 2007 in Guadalajara, and the studio is located in the heart of Providencia. We consider ourselves a specialized studio in traditional Ashtanga Mysore style. Every morning is dedicated to Ashtanga practice, and in the evenings, we offer a variety of disciplines from different yoga methods to meet the diverse needs of practitioners in the area.

Years of experience support us, and we take pride in the fact that many of our teachers and attendees have been trained in Ashtanga here at our studio. This, in essence, ensures that our teaching is consistent and well-directed toward the correct method.

We also emphasize that we have a very specific teaching style aligned with the tradition of Ashtanga as taught in India, the birthplace where this method was systematized. Considering ourselves pioneers of this practice in the city is a blessing, and it is a great responsibility and commitment on our part to continue instilling the path of yoga, which brings numerous benefits to our physical and biological bodies, minds, moods, and spirits.

We have a strong community that supports us, and individuals with or without experience are welcome. We hope to see you at the studio!



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