Calf reduction with Botox treatment


Calf reduction with Botox treatment
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Botox reduces calves, which is the injection of Botox into the muscles of the calf muscles, which, when injected, weakens the muscles in this area and becomes smaller, resulting in the legs looking more slender.

This method has the advantage of not having a surgical wound. No scars, no hospital recovery. However, Botox calf reduction injections will be injected to temporarily loosen muscles with results after 4-6 months of injection

Botox calf reduction injection, how does the process work?
  • The cause of large calf size is muscle strain, whether by wearing heels throughout, some professions that require long walks or standing.
  • The principle of operation of Botox calf reduction injection is to inject Botox to the buttock muscles (Gastrocnemius) located in the calf attached to the buttocks to relieve the muscles. This makes the larger calf muscles smaller, similar to reducing the size of the jaw muscles to a slender face.
  • Before injecting, the doctor must first assess whether the patient’s calf is large, caused by muscles or fat. To plan to adjust the shape of the calf to balance the slender legs, get on with the body physique. In patients whose calves grow because muscles can use Botox to heal. But in some patients the calf case is large because of fat, the doctor recommends doing it in conjunction with mesofat to make the results even better.

Causes of calf problems, large calves

Humans are characterized by calves differently from person to person, depending on activity, depending on gender.

  1. Genetic observation of the average calf size of people within the family, especially direct relatives.
  2. Lifestyle Behavior of certain things, such as frequent wearing heels or standing for long periods of time, can result in larger calf muscles.
  3. Exercise is another trigger that can make the muscles in the calf larger. Whether it’s lifting the spell. Running or even cycling

Botox calf reduction injection, how long will it take to see the results?
  • Botox injection reduces calves After injection, it takes about 3 months to start seeing results because the muscles are large.
  • The results last for 4-6 months, whichever is the person.
  • However, the duration will also depend on the use of the muscles in the calf area. If you still have to walk frequently or wear high heels all the time, the size of the calf muscles is likely to come back big early. Re-injections can be resumed to maintain the calf size to be slender according to the doctor’s instructions.

How many units do you need to inject calf reduction Botox
    In general, Botox injections reduce calves. Use more volume than face injections using approximately 200-300 units each.

Botox Calf Reduction Injection Review

For safety and ensure the use of Botox injection services, doctors advise you to check reviews from real users. View feedback on services from both doctors and staff Is there care before after doing good?
Because Botox calf reduction must be gradually injected, not once and finished. What is it like to provide information or advice to make decisions?

  • Highlights of Botox for Sweating at Siam Clinic
    1. Guaranteed to see the results in every case after the case.
    2. Here we have many reliable reviews for you to choose from before making a decision. It’s a real patient review.
    3. We provide affordable services. Not too high or too cheap.
    4. We unpack the pills and open new bottles for patients to look at each other. It can also give patients boxes home. So that all of you who attend the service can check directly with the imported company.
    5. Our doctors are direct medical professors at Botox, so we guarantee that the substance used in the injection is absolutely genuine. You can check every serial number.
    6. Doctors use special effects based on calculations of shrinkage and loosening of shallow skin. After that, the doctor will design the face design of each patient to achieve the most lifting for immediate effect.

    You will be served with high standards from Siam clinics that are available to all of you.



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    Siam Clinic: Dr. Aim

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    Dr. Aim is a highly qualified medical professional with an impressive list of certifications and degrees. With years of rigorous training and extensive clinical experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Dr. Aim Phimphakarn holds a Doctor of Medicine from Prince of Songkla University, as well as numerous certifications from top medical associations and institutions. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in her field and is committed to providing her patients with the highest standard of care.

    Degrees and Certifications

    Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, 2012
    The America Board Laser Surgery (ABLS) 2017-2018
    Certificate of Practical Chelation Therapy 2016 by CMAT
    Certificate of Attendance participated in “Detoxification and Chelation Workshop” 2018
    Certificate of Practical Cell Therapy 2018 by ACT (Association of Cell Therapy, Thailand)
    Certificate of participated course “PRFM & PDRN Novel Growth Factors in Dermatology” 2017
    Certificate of Fat Stem Cell Transfer to Face Rejuvenation By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
    Certificate of Microcanula Liposculpt of the Abdomen By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
    Certificate of Hands-on in Suture Suspension Thread Lift with SSC Cannula By Renovia ABLS
    Certificate of Attendance on Thread Rejuvenation Training By KLOTHREAD (Medical academy in Korea) Nov 2017
    Certificate of Participation for completion of Upscale Technique of Facial Lifting by Tesslift Soft 2017
    Post Congress Cadaver Course for facial aesthetic“Hand-On Cadaveric dissection workshop TOXIN, Filler injections and Thread lift&Live injections in Conjunction with cadaver dissection” By THAICOSDERM (Thai Society Of Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery)
    Aesthetic medicine session “Live demonstration Practical points in
    Botulinum toxin, Filler& Anatomy” TAARM (Thai association of
    Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine) annual meeting
    Certificate of Attendance “Management of Aesthetic Complications”