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Botox for Sweating treatment Reducing underarm sweat is an injection of botulinum toxin. Enter the armpits in the right amount of the area where there is an unusually excessive sweating problem so that the substance blocks the work of the sweat glands and scent glands under the arms to be reduced, which has a fruiting period of 3-4 months or more.

Why sweat on your armpits?

Sweating is common according to the mechanisms of the body trying to sweat to cool the body temperature, but if you are sitting in a cold airconditioning room and still sweating, either not doing any particular activities or sitting there. Still, there’s still a drop of sweat from your hands, feet, armpits, and it can be deemed to be a symptom of excessive sweat glands. (hyperhidrosis)

Does Botox at armpits reduce sweating?

Botox armpits are 100 units of botulinum toxin type A in each armpit area to shrug off the sweat glands and body odor in the underarm to work less. As a result, sweating can be reduced under the armpits by more than 80%.

When injecting Botox armpits, how long will it take to see the results?
  • Once the armpit Botox injection is done, normal activity can be performed.
  • Most of the time, Botox starts working immediately. After Botox injections, the results will begin to be clearer and will be fully affected within 7 days.
  • In order to maintain the effectiveness of the skin condition from injections, Botox injections should be given only by a medical professional.

How long does an armpit Botox injection last?
  • Usually there is a fruiting period of 3-4 months or more.
  • Botox in the armpits may break down faster than other parts of Botox, since it is a heated area of the time market body.
  • However, it depends on the patient’s lifestyle, such as those who exercise regularly. The armpit area has a hot temperature throughout, which may cause Botox to break down faster than usual.

Are there side effects of Botox armpits?

To date, there have been no reports of permanent side effects of armpit Botox injections. In some cases, guests may experience pain. Minor bruising only at the injection site or headache, but the symptoms occur only temporarily.

  • Armpit Botox Injection Summary
    • Armpit Botox injections are an attractive option for many people because they are very affordable. Safe, see results within 1 week, no recovery required. Do not worry about under arm sweating, can use normal daily life with confidence, the result will last for 3-4 months and can be repeatedly injected to maintain the results continuously.
    • Importantly, before deciding to inject sweat-reducing Botox, the data must be studied. Choose a reliable clinic that requires only genuine Botox at Siam Clinic. Doctors use all brands of real Botox. Unboxing Open a new bottle, suck all the pills in front of you. Take home boxes and bottles to make sure they’re genuine.
    • Recommended to do it in conjunction with the Armpit Laser Program.

    Highlights of Botox for Sweating at Siam Clinic
    1. Guaranteed to see the results in every case after the case.
    2. Here we have many reliable reviews for you to choose from before making a decision. It’s a real patient review.
    3. We provide affordable services. Not too high or too cheap.
    4. We unpack the pills and open new bottles for patients to look at each other. It can also give patients boxes home. So that all of you who attend the service can check directly with the imported company.
    5. Our doctors are direct medical professors at Botox, so we guarantee that the substance used in the injection is absolutely genuine. You can check every serial number.
    6. Doctors use special effects based on calculations of shrinkage and loosening of shallow skin. After that, the doctor will design the face design of each patient to achieve the most lifting for immediate effect.

    You will be served with high standards from Siam clinics that are available to all of you.



    About The Host
    Siam Clinic: Dr. Aim

    Siam Clinic: Dr. Aim

    Dr. Aim Phimphakarn, a medical professional who has found her true passion in the field of medical aesthetics. Her love for this field is undeniable, but what sets her apart is her unique artistic perspective. With a keen interest in the arts, she brings a creative eye to her work and strives to create natural, beautiful results for her patients. Dr. Aim earned her medical degree in 2012 and has worked in various medical fields, including general medicine and dermatology, before discovering her true calling in the world of aesthetic medicine.

    Dr. Aim is a highly qualified medical professional with an impressive list of certifications and degrees. With years of rigorous training and extensive clinical experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Dr. Aim Phimphakarn holds a Doctor of Medicine from Prince of Songkla University, as well as numerous certifications from top medical associations and institutions. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in her field and is committed to providing her patients with the highest standard of care.

    Degrees and Certifications

    Doctor of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University, 2012
    The America Board Laser Surgery (ABLS) 2017-2018
    Certificate of Practical Chelation Therapy 2016 by CMAT
    Certificate of Attendance participated in “Detoxification and Chelation Workshop” 2018
    Certificate of Practical Cell Therapy 2018 by ACT (Association of Cell Therapy, Thailand)
    Certificate of participated course “PRFM & PDRN Novel Growth Factors in Dermatology” 2017
    Certificate of Fat Stem Cell Transfer to Face Rejuvenation By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
    Certificate of Microcanula Liposculpt of the Abdomen By Renovia-ABLS training 2017
    Certificate of Hands-on in Suture Suspension Thread Lift with SSC Cannula By Renovia ABLS
    Certificate of Attendance on Thread Rejuvenation Training By KLOTHREAD (Medical academy in Korea) Nov 2017
    Certificate of Participation for completion of Upscale Technique of Facial Lifting by Tesslift Soft 2017
    Post Congress Cadaver Course for facial aesthetic“Hand-On Cadaveric dissection workshop TOXIN, Filler injections and Thread lift&Live injections in Conjunction with cadaver dissection” By THAICOSDERM (Thai Society Of Cosmetic Dermatology and Surgery)
    Aesthetic medicine session “Live demonstration Practical points in
    Botulinum toxin, Filler& Anatomy” TAARM (Thai association of
    Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine) annual meeting
    Certificate of Attendance “Management of Aesthetic Complications”