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You control every aspect of your listings (photos, descriptions, pricing, locations, time, dates, and more.)

It's FREE to join R52 Marketplace & FREE to use system resources

It's free to post your services, experiences, accommodations  and much more....

Bridging traditions of the past with technology of  the future

R52 stands for unifying traditions and ways of doing things with technology,

R52 Marketplace


We charge a service fee on transactions to help offer technology and keep things  running smoothly.

R52 Free Resources:

Experiences, Products, Clients, Bookings Info - All in One Location

You'll have one hub for your bookings, clients, experience, products, and communications.

  • You and your team can access booking and guest information from anywhere, on any device.
  • Manage and update leads, quotes, bookings, guests and payments in one place.

  • Staff permission controls mean your managers, guides, and drivers only access the info they need.


Online Booking and Payments

Become part of a larger community where people are looking for like minded services and experiences.

  • List By Category, Destination and Maps internationally. Get paid internationally from customers.
  • Increase your online network and distribution channels.

  • Use our tours calendar sync to prevent double bookings from your different sales channels.
You Control Every Part Of Your Listings

You can customize your content, message, pricing and group size so that each proposal is unique.

  • You have your portal to R52. You have full control to create, modify, delete as many listings as your want.
  • Engage your clients with customizable pre-arrival emails, post-booking emails, post-stay testimonials, promo coupons and more...

  • One central place to keep your guest's communication history and trip preferences.

Free Widget To Publish Your Services & Experiences On Your Own Website

Installing a widget button on your website for your Products will make it easier for your guests to make bookings and payments online.
Follow these steps to install our Experience widget. If you have any questions, just Ask Us.

Booking Dashboard

You have a booking dashboard to see all your activity from customers.

The dashboard gives  you a summary of all bookings.

Synced Calendar

You have an integrated calendar to show you all your upcoming  experience bookings.

You can select a booking on the calendar to see the details.

Booking Details

When you select a booking to review, you will  get all details about the customer booking.

The dashboard gives  you a summary of all bookings.

  • Details
  • Guests
  • Extras
  • Payment
  • Files
  • Email
  • Notes
  • Pickup
  • Questions

Back Office Controls

Your have different back office settings and resources that you control.

  • Business Financials
  • Description
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Photos
  • Tax Details
  • Amenities
  • Staff Permissions
  • Bank Accounts
  • and so much more....

Create Your Own Products

You can create unlimited products. You have different types of products you can offer: standard, custom and lodging.

Standard products are the set items that you sell for a fixed
price. You could think of them as your pre-packaged offerings.

Custom products are designed to be once-off itineraries that you would have personalized to a client's preferences.

Accommodations are lodging products you want to offer such as: spare rooms, hotel rooms, apartments, glamping, camping, co-living and so many more...

Comprehensive Reports

Your  have different report dashboards. Lodging and Experience reports are available you to analyze by  day, week, month, year, etc.

Everything calculates real time in each report  section.

R52 How Pricing Works

You Set Your Pricing

You have full control of all your pricing.

Set your own pricing.

Edit and delete your products / pricing any time you want.

Set custom pricing options: time of day, weekends, special rates

Create custom quotes

Create discounts and coupons

Create tiered pricing

and many more  pricing options...


R52 Marketplace Service Fee

We charge a service fee on transactions to help offer technology and keep things running smoothly.

Customer services fees goes towards things such as  rewards, events, projects, outreach, and more.

Provider service fees goes towards international credit card fees, systems, technology, support and more.

R52 Provider Service Fees are 9%, plus payment processing


A marketplace transaction is a sale that takes place between a buyer and a provider on the R52 Marketplace.

When a customer makes a purchase on the R52 Marketplace, they complete a transaction.

Here is how a transaction works on the R52 Marketplace:

1)  A customer searches for a product on the R52 marketplace websites or apps.

2) The customer finds an experience, service, accommodation, or product they want.

3) The Customer checks your synchronize calendar and availability across all sales channels with real-time updates.

4) The R52 Marketplace processes the payment and confirms the order with the provider.

5) The customer receives the service purchased and can choose to leave feedback or a review for the provider.

6) Provider is paid

7) Upon a successful sales transaction there is a marketplace service fee charged to Providers of 9%, plus payment processing

Throughout the transaction, the R52 Marketplace acts as the intermediary, facilitating the sale between the buyer and the provider. The R52 Marketplace will handle payment processing and other functions to help ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.

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